Samantha Coulombe

Insiders: The Natural

Insiders: The Natural
14 April 2017

Samantha Coulombe is an Interior Designer with over 10 years of experience behind some of Canada's most recognized Residential Developments. She is the Owner and Principal Designer at Ceremony – a full service boutique Interior Design firm in Toronto, Canada.

Samantha has always considered herself an Interior Designer – even before graduating with a Bachelors Degree in Interior Design from Ryerson, she’d spent her childhood critiquing floor plans in the weekend newspapers, or getting lost in local wallpaper stores.

Samantha is passionately involved in all phases of a design project, where she has been fortunate enough to work with numerous local galleries and artists, and also with world renowned artists, in projects across the globe. Her love of travel and appreciation for a universal way of living often trickles in to her designs.

When not immersed in work, Samantha is often found enjoying a coffee in any one of Toronto's cafes; planning her next vacation; jogging along the city’s waterfront; or perfecting homemade pizza.

Top 3

"My favourite prints to use in the spaces I design (and in my own home) are often architectural photographs, and this print by Harley Yang is definitely a stunner. My Virgo brain is drawn to the perfect verticals and horizontals."
"An ode to architectural materials can do no wrong by me. Perhaps I am biased because this reminds me of my own hardwood floors I painted white, but I am in love with this print by Olga Klosowski."
"I saw this print on Partial’s Instagram account and was instantly captured by its intensity. This is surprising because to know me is to know that nature, isolation, and I do not always mesh well, but this print is just so captivating (to me at l east) that I have the overwhelming desire to want to know what the full story here is. Also, that colour palette is absolute perfection."


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