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Dreams are memories, curated by Carla Rojas

Guest curators share the art that influences their creative lives. In our Guest Curator series, we feature a local tastemaker in Canada and share their favourite works of art on Partial.

"I find it very interesting to think of why we dream what we dream. Why our minds decide to capture a specific moment in time: An object, a person, a place. Why sometimes the scenes are clear and why sometimes it's all out of whack? For this collection I chose works that evoked a feeling of nostalgia. Not about a memory of something lived, but for the memory of something I could have seen in my dreams." -Carla Rojas

Carla Rojas is a marketer working at the intersection of art, film and the digital world. She is the founder of, a Toronto-based blog on a mission to help make art more accessible. In addition to running Artifier, she works as a social media strategist for films.