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Alysha Rocca
OCAD U Feature Artist
HELLO!! My name is ALYSHA, I am a Vaughan-born artist, who studied in Toronto at OCAD University, earning a BF...
Amber Ozols
Amber Ozols is a multidisciplinary artist who creates paintings, murals, and paper products. Her most recent o...
Alejandro Rizzo Nervo
OCAD U Feature Artist
Alejandro Rizzo Nervo is an artist whose practice is based in photography, photomontage and non traditional pr...
Terran McNeely
Terran McNeely is a painter based in Toronto Ontario. With a background in visual design, his work is influenc...
Helen Tran
Born and raised in Vietnam, Helen Tran is a multidisciplinary artist based in Mississauga, Canada. Helen’s b...
Reynold Thomas
Reynold Thomas is a Visual Artist whose work shows a perfect mix of exquisite beauty and raw strength. His art...

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Sonya Katashonova
OCAD U Feature Artist
Sonya is a multidisciplinary artist and illustrator working in oils, acrylics, inks and watercolors, with a B....
Avery Gibbes
OCAD U Feature Artist
There are many different "worlds" that exist within our human perception. These worlds exist physically, figur...
Deloris Chen
OCAD U Feature Artist
Currently based in Toronto, Deloris Chen is an illustrator and painter. She graduated in 2020 from OCAD Univer...