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Our curator has hand picked some of the most exciting artists in Ontario today so you can browse whether you're on the move, at the office, or from the comfort of your living room.

Pothole Galxies

oil, latex and spray paint on canvas
60"L x 48"W
Julie Gladstone

Rent: $150 / month
Own: $3,000


Acrylic on canvas
24"L x 30"W
Serge Khrumalo

Rent: $60 / month
Own: $900


mixed media on canvas
60"L x 48"W
Russna Kaur

Rent: $110 / month
Own: $2,200


Digital Painting
Drawings / Prints
36"L x 24"W
Christina Essue

Rent: $75 / month
Own: $350

Smoking Purple Haze

acrylic paint, plastic, smoke, aqueous resin on canva
20"L x 20"W
Lori Ann Bellissimo

Rent: $43 / month
Own: $850

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Digital, Acrylic Face Mount
48"L x 36"W
Harley Yang

Rent: $50 / month
Own: $1,000
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