Zeljka Alosinac


Zeljka Alosinac is an artist whose preferred medium is drawing. For the past thirty years she has worked in the film industry as a Set Decorator, developing her creativity, attention to detail and clarity of vision. Skills which, when applied to this series, integrate the historical with the modern, producing a new and exciting reconcilliation of Past and Present

Ways I Work

When did you start making art, and why?

About 4 years ago when I retired from working in the film business. it's never too late to make Art!

Jays vs. Raptors


Favourite artist(s) right now

Stephen Appleby-Barr

Why is it important for people to have art in their home or life?

To express yourself! And beauty never goes out of style.

Describe your home in 3 words

Calm, very calm

Favourite medium


I'm really good at making (a) ...


Best season of the year in Toronto

Autumn- cooler days, lost of colour, my birthday

Favourite musical artist / band right now

Snarky Puppy

What kind of artwork do you have in your home?

Most of the work has a personal connection, we know most if the artists/photographers

Beverage of choice


Bronzino-McQueen #1

Graphite on paper
Drawings / Prints
30"L x 20"W
Zeljka Alosinac

Rent: $105 / month
Own: $2,700


Archival print
Drawings / Prints
50"L x 38"W
Zeljka Alosinac

Rent: $42 / month
Own: $850

Vermeer-McQueen, Girl & Pearl

Archival print with silver leaf
Drawings / Prints
24"L x 19"W
Zeljka Alosinac

Rent: $36 / month
Own: $500
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