Susan McLean Woodburn


"I am always open to the Spirit of grace and harmony. It is my desire to share these moments that inspires me to paint."

Susan, a Canadian artist, was raised and spent considerable time in Toronto, the Cobourg/Grafton area as well as Georgian Bay-Pointe au Baril. Many of her paintings are inspired by these locations. “Winter is a favourite season - being born in December must have influenced that...I have a feeling I entered this world on a snowy day. I love the's pristine beauty, the wonderful, crisp freshness of the air - as well as the quiet - you find only in winter.” Her skaters, bathers, angels and dancers are all studies of movement and light, capturing the joyful exuberance of life ... “Joie de vivre”. Her portraits reveal the spiritual elements of the individual and their unique character.

Susan paints in oil and acrylic. Lighting and acute sensitivity capture the mood of her work. Her printmaking is colourful, playful and witty - her line drawings - classical to lyrical. Her works are housed in many National & International private collections.
Concierge Magazine Intercontinental Hatels -listing

Ontario College of Art
Vancouver School of Art- majored in painting and sculpture
Largely self taught be independent study.
Working at Thomson Gallery (the major private collection of the Canadian Masters ...owned by Kenneth Thomson) for two years was a major education and influence on Susan's work.
"Woman at the Piano" included on the cover of Style At Home Magazine..
"Mother And Child" included in Style at Home Magazine

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Artist/Maker: Woodburn, Susan McLean; Artist Technique. Drawing; Painting; Printmaking. Toronto, Ontario, Canada. File location. National Gallery of Canada - Library and Archives / Canadian .

Ways I Work

Why is it important for people to have art in their home or life?

It should bring the joy!

Describe the person your work appeals to in 3 words

intelligent spiritual joyful

Only thing you need when you leave the house

my Bible

When did you start making art, and why?

My mother and aunt where both artists,,,I did my first oil paintings at 15...semi private lessons with my friend Deedee.

Everyone should know about

I am very musical as well as visual...causing my paintings to be lyrical at times....Also a composer and poet thus songwriter on Youtube

What artists do you admire right now?

The Group of Seven

Favourite medium


Why is art important to you?

It makes me glow!

Favourite artist(s) right now

Leonardo de Vince, David Milne

Who do you consider a genius?

Everybody... if they'd let go...but Leonardo de Vince

Describe your home in 3 words

A tree house

What kind of artwork do you have in your home?

Uplifting, lyrical spiritual and sometimes subtle....

Best season of the year in Toronto's gorgeous!

Which piece of art you've created is your favourite, and why?

Emily....a portrait of my niece....many peoples's very life like and spiritual and not for sale.


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