Stephen Perry


Although his subject matter and themes are always evolving, Stephen has a recognizable style that carries through his work. The approach is "stylized realism" with an emphasis on the sense of light and colour. His background in commercial photography and design have a noticeable influence on his technique, composition and design sensibility, creating a look that is clean, fresh and contemporary.

Ways I Work

In a previous life I was (a) ...

In a previous life I was a monk. The Buddhist monastic tradition still has appeal-- except for the deference to authority, the celibacy and the lack of artistic freedom-- otherwise...

When did you start making art, and why?

I've been doing art since childhood. When you start at a young age you don't really question why - you just do. After working as a commercial photographer for a number of years the urge to do "art for art's sake" resurfaced. Much experimentation in many areas has led me to where I am now with a realist style of execution and a stylized vision of reality-- working in oil and acrylic.

Which piece of art you've created is your favourite, and why?

One of my favourite pieces of art that I've created is "The Hero's Journey" I like the execution but it also has personal meaning-- probably has meaning for most of us-- summoning up the courage to make "The Big Leap".

Describe the person your work appeals to in 3 words

The person who likes my "narrative art" is usually someone who likes a story-- something to interpret or something that resonates internally without necessarily having a conscious explanation.

Your favourite spot in Toronto right now

My favourite spot in Toronto is still probably the AGO. The gallery scene in general is great in Toronto.


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