Stephen Perry


Stephen is an Ottawa based artist with a background in professional photography (for which he has earned awards and nominations from Applied Arts Magazine, International Color Awards, and the Black and White Spider Awards).


In a previous life I was (a) ...

In a previous life I was a monk. The Buddhist monastic tradition still has appeal-- except for the deference to authority, the celibacy and the lack of artistic freedom-- otherwise...

Which piece of art you've created is your favourite, and why?

One of my favourite pieces of art that I've created is "The Hero's Journey" I like the execution but it also has personal meaning-- probably has meaning for most of us-- summoning up the courage to make "The Big Leap".

Your favourite spot in Toronto right now

My favourite spot in Toronto is still probably the AGO. The gallery scene in general is great in Toronto.

When did you start making art, and why?

I've been doing art since childhood. When you start at a young age you don't really question why - you just do. After working as a commercial photographer for a number of years the urge to do "art for art's sake" resurfaced. Much experimentation in many areas has led me to where I am now with a realist style of execution and a stylized vision of reality-- working in oil and acrylic.

Describe the person your work appeals to in 3 words

The person who likes my "narrative art" is usually someone who likes a story-- something to interpret or something that resonates internally without necessarily having a conscious explanation.


Parks Canada

Oil on wood panel
24"L x 35"W
Stephen Perry

Rent: $99 / month
Own: $2,400