Sandra Brewster


Sandra Brewster is a Toronto born visual artist making work that engages representation and identity. She enjoys the play involved in exploring and discovering ways of expressing her ideas. Her mediums are pencil, charcoal and acrylic. 

Ways I Work

Favourite artist(s) right now

Kara Walker will always be one of my favourite artists, I also love Lorna Simpson, Carrie Mae Weems, Stan Douglas... there are so many artists whose work and careers are inspiring to me.

Favourite movie

Eve's Bayou and Close Encounters of the Third Kind. I love Ava DuVernay's films as well.

What do you listen to when you work?

Music tracks that are long and rhythmic like those of Fela Kuti and Miles Davis. I also listen to a series of podcasts.

Your favourite spot in Toronto right now

A patio during the summer where I can chill with friends and family.

Favourite medium

My favourite medium is charcoal although I like working with all sorts of mediums including stop motion animation. I've also been enjoying the imperfect nature of gel transfers.

When did you start making art, and why?

I've always been making art. I love playing with materials and telling stories visually.

Beverage of choice


Why is it important for people to have art in their home or life?

Art encourages us to reflect on things greater than ourself.

Favourite musical artist / band right now

One of my favourite singers is Cassandra Wilson. I've recently been listening to a lot of Gil Scott Heron.

Everyone should know about

The Neti Pot and Fred Moten


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