Lauren Pirie


Lauren Pirie is a freelance illustrator and multi-disciplinary artist based in Toronto. She is best known for; her intricate ink drawings, which defy the boundaries of reality; her illustration work for publishing, film, and fashion; and sustainability projects, as Creative Director of the About Face Collective. Recently, Lauren illustrated her first children's book, Ella And The Balloons In the Sky for Tundra Books/ Random House. 

Ways I Work

Everyone should know about

Intersectional Feminism, Bakerbots.

Favourite medium

Ink on paper. I mostly use acrylic inks (which a lot of people assume are watercolour) and micron pens.

Beverage of choice

Coffee/ Cab Sauv.

When did you start making art, and why?

I think I have always made art. When I was 5 or so, I would use my Grandma's ottoman as a booth to sell my drawings to my family for $2 or something. At that point, it was probably to buy candy, or stickers, or save up for a hieroglyphics set.

What do you listen to when you work?

CBC, Bitch Media's Backtalk/ Popaganda Podcasts, 2 Dope Queens, Democracy Now, Various dancehall mixes, Drake, Rihanna

Jays vs. Raptors

Depends which sport they're playing, I guess? ;) I grew up as a bat catcher and filling sketchbooks with drawings of Joe Carter and Roberto Alomar, so I'm going to have to say Jays.

Describe your home in 3 words

Art, plants, magic.

I'm really good at making (a) ...

A mess.

Favourite artist(s) right now

Winnie Truong, Tau Lewis, Rajni Perera, Broadbent Sisters, Kaye Blegvad, Laura Dawe, Rihanna.

Your favourite spot in Toronto right now

High Park, anywhere with bike lanes, The Common.


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