Julie Gladstone


Julie Gladstone is an artist working in painting, installation and sculpture, currently living and working in Toronto, Canada. Gladstone’s layered and textural abstract oil paintings reconfigure Romantic Landscape painting with a contemporary neo-pop palette and explores our cultures paradoxical relationship to nature as a source of both spiritual renewal and apocalyptic fantasy. Although she is mostly known and collected as an abstract painte, she has recently received media attention for her Extreme Cloud Gazing installation which was featured at Grow-Op Exhibition in the lobby of the Gladstone Hotel and her “Adopt an Extreme Cloud” fundraiser for the David Suzuki Foundation. Creating intersections between painting, sculpture and installation art, her work aims to bring attention to environmental issues like climate change, and explores our culture’s relationship with nature and spirituality. Julie’s work has been supported by the Toronto and Ontario Arts Councils, and she has been awarded the Artscape TOAE Award, The 2015 Canadian Society of Civil Engineers Emerging Artist Award, Sim Residency (Iceland) and Gibraltar Point, Toronto Island. Her work has been included in notable exhibitions at the Department of Canadian Heritage, The Living Arts Centre, The Gladstone Hotel and Canadian Fine Arts Gallery, and she has had solo shows at Walnut Contemporary and Navillus Gallery. Her work is collected in Canada, the US and England. Gladstone carries a BFA from Concordia and is currently the director and curator at Gallery 555 in Toronto.

Ways I Work

Beverage of choice

Strong black coffee

Describe the person your work appeals to in 3 words

Daring, Thoughtful, Creative

What kind of artwork do you have in your home?

Mostly art that I've traded with or bought from other artist friends such as Liz Tran, Anna Pantcheva, Kate Puxley, Etienne LaFrance, Vanessa McKernan, Kathy Tynan, Kevin Columbus, Keita Morimito as well as art by my mom, my grandfather, my partner and my own art. Also I have an original Raffi drawing which I'm really proud of and drawings by my nieces.

Favourite artist(s) right now

Anna Valdez, Tomory Dodge, Yayoi Kusama, Elena Ferrante (author), Bjork

Why is it important for people to have art in their home or life?

Art in your home, is like a little portal into an alternate reality, its a little opening that can shift the way you think and feel. Images are very powerful, and I think it's important to remember that even though we are saturated with images on tv, and through advertising, a well thought out image created without the intention to sell you a product, has the ability to offer ongoing inspiration, transformation and even healing.

Your favourite spot in Toronto right now

Gibrlaltar Point on Toronto Island

Which piece of art you've created is your favourite, and why?

"Polishing The Diamond" A piece I finished after returning from my residency in Iceland. It reminds me that I accomplished a life goal and it reminds me of the epic energy of the landscape.

What do you listen to when you work?

Classical Music, The Weeknd, On Being Podcast, This American Life Podcast, Death, Sex and Money Podcast

Describe your home in 3 words

Plants, art, lamps

Who do you consider a genius?

My uncle Mikey Ben-Eli who is revolutionizing global sustainability practices with his www.sustainabilitylabs.org.

When I'm not making art, I'm (a) ...



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