Envy My Metamorphic Change

Oil on canvas
36"L x 36"W x 2"D

Rent: $28 per month
Own: $500
Also, my art draws from various aspects of reality such as media and popular culture. Images and advertisements are incorporated with images from my dreams to form a mosaic pattern to explore the questions of: What pieces are we composed of? What makes each of us unique? What defines us as a person? Who are we and why do we even exist? This pattern allows my art to showcase the complexities of the human personality and the reality we live in. Art offers its own unique way of communicating through visual statements. With the combination of images from dreams, media and reality, I create art work that elicits an array of different emotions every time it is viewed.
Disclaimer: Rendering is an approximate view of artwork’s size. All artwork is ready to hang. In the instance of framed artwork, the frame is not shown in rendering.



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