"I had a connection to the piece when I saw it online. The monthly rental price felt very accessible, so I went for it. I'm so impressed with how it changed my space."

– Kieranabout renting Emal J. de Lanerolle’s 'Drift'

Constant customization

New season? Celebrating? Adjusting to new furnishings in your home? Enjoy the flexibility of new art every few months.

Entry for new collectors

Considering become a serious collector? Try one (or several) pieces out first and see what works for you.

Express yourself

Experiment with many different styles without the commitment.

The simplest "reno" you can do

A large canvas instantly makes a new room. Go from a black-and-white photograph to bright and bold abstract, and see how your space is immediately updated.

Great for events

Whether you're hosting dinners for the holidays or a professional wedding planner – great art can set the tone for a theme.

Rotating curators

Living with your partner? Do you have roommates? Sharing a common living or work area? Cater to different tastes and styles and take turns choosing the art for the moment.

Proudly serving the Toronto Area.

Join the MANY creative thinkers who are already using Partial in their homes.

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