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Diana Rosa
As a visual artist, Diana Rosa takes inspirations from an alternative upbringing where she closely connected w...
Parveen Dhatt
Twenty Twenty gave birth to a pandemic and unprecedented social uprisings around the world. It has brought pai...
Zana Collab
Illustrators Anastasia Tarkhanova and Zuna Amir graduated into a pandemic world when ZANA collab was born as a...

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Shlomi Amiga
OCAD U Feature Artist
Shlomi Amiga is a documentary and street photographer based in Toronto. His inspiration and approach to photog...
Corynn Kokolakis
OCAD U Feature Artist
Corynn is a full-time artist and mom of three. Having given up painting for over a decade to raise her family,...
Morris Wazney
OCAD U Feature Artist
I am a mixed media artist who has recently graduated from OCADU Sculpture/Installation program. Working primar...