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Serge Khrumalo
Serge is a Toronto-based artist who draws all the time, on everything. Experimenting with materials is an esse...
Donovan Davis
"Donovan’s primary focus is on the deconstruction and reconstruction of photographs. His technique is sim...
Catharine Somerville
Catharine Somerville was born in Toronto and lives in both Canada and the UK. Her work is a visual experience ...
Hope Flynn
hope flynn
Nicole Moss
Nicole Moss is an award winning collage artist currently living and working in Toronto. She studied drawing an...

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Raquel Da Silva
OCAD U Feature Artist
Raquel Da Silva is a Toronto based artist, working primarily with painting and design. Currently completing he...
Lucy Hare
OCAD U Feature Artist
Lucy Hare is a Toronto-based emerging artist and existentialist who explores themes of the human experience, t...
Morris Wazney
OCAD U Feature Artist
I am a mixed media artist who has recently graduated from OCADU Sculpture/Installation program. Working primar...