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Danielle Cole
Danielle Cole is a Toronto based artist who creates playful collages through an assembly of original vintage g...
ashley beerdat
Ashley Beerdat is an emerging artist of Guyanese descent who grew up in Brampton, Ontario. She is a graduate f...
Pandora Owl
Pandora Owl was born and raised outside of Toronto, Ontario. Her art focuses on mental health & illness in ord...

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Mason Barnes-Crouse
OCAD U Feature Artist
I can’t remember when I started drawing. I must have been an infant with poor dexterity and undeveloped moto...
Gillian Toliver
OCAD U Feature Artist
Gillian Toliver is a multidisciplinary artist currently working and living in Toronto. Recently graduating fro...
Hana Elmasry
OCAD U Feature Artist
Hana Elmisry is a painter, educator and counsellor. Hana's praxis engages with concepts in cognitive science a...