Acrylic on Wood
36"L x 48"W x 2"D

Rent: $100 per month
Own: $2,000
There's a place in the country near my home called 'Burnt Lands'. It's fascinating because it looks as though a forest fire has happened there, but that's not the case. The soil actually has a naturally acidic composition which causes the 'burnt' effect on plants and trees. I usually pass through it during twilight, which somehow increases the nostalgic effect. This painting was recently exhibited at The Mississippi Mills Textile Museum. It was there that I learned the truth about 'Burnt Lands'. Here's an interesting recount: http://millstonenews.com/2017/09/the-burnt-lands-a-john-dunn-story.html
Disclaimer: Rendering is an approximate view of artwork’s size. All artwork is ready to hang. In the instance of framed artwork, the frame is not shown in rendering.



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