When's Dinner?

Hand-cut collage
11"L x 14"W x 1"D

Rent: $50 per month
Own: $350
The mother pictured here making preparations of her own, preparations of heart and home. Her happy and hungry family looks on with purely expectant smiles. The woman herself has a satirical smirk which is barely seen, this expression her acceptance of responsibility, the acceptance of the joyous weight the family expects her to carry. The onlooking family and the mother so consumed by their hunger, their forms becoming one with the food, this sustenance growing out of their thoughts and desires. The mother is ready to perform her complex duties, expected to create those delicacies which the family will consume, expecting the same performance in all the days to come.
Disclaimer: Rendering is an approximate view of artwork’s size. All artwork is ready to hang. In the instance of framed artwork, the frame is not shown in rendering.



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Your rental payments go towards the purchase of the piece. Enjoy it for just a few months, or when you’re ready to make it part of your permanent collection, just pay the difference. Art for your space, with no obligation.

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