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Can I buy the piece of art without renting?
Absolutely – just mark “Artwork Purchase” in your inquiry form.
Does my rent go towards owning the art?
Yes – your rental fees will be deducted from the price of the art piece. You just pay the difference, and the art piece is yours!
Can I extend my rental period?
In most cases, yes. You will be notified when your rental period is about to expire, and you can let us know then whether you plan to renew for 3 months, buy the artwork, or return the piece with the option to rotate in a new piece of art for your space. This is a very flexible program so that it works for you and your goals.
Can I rent my art piece for less than 3 months, or more than 9? 
The minimum rental period for residential rentals is 3 months, which is a comfortable block of time to get to enjoy the piece in your place, while also ensuring that it is still worthwhile for the efforts of the artist. While the longest you may rent for up-front is 9 months, you may have the option to renew for 3 months, or pay the difference and own it outright. Rentals for commercial spaces or staging purposes may be rented for a minimum of 1 month.
Why would I choose delivery?
We understand that not everyone has access to a car in the city, and especially not a car that can fit larger pieces of artwork. Our delivery service provides safe and hassle-free transportation of the work into your home, along with added perks in our Premium Delivery option. Read more about it here.
What happens if the art gets damaged?
In the unlikely situation of artwork being damaged during a rental period, the renter is responsible for damages for the artwork. We recommend notifying your home contents insurance provider so that they may include a note about the artwork in your policy.
Do I have to pay the full amount up front, or can I be billed monthly?
You may choose to pay the full amount or be billed automatically on a monthly cycle.
Do you deliver outside of the Toronto area?
We currently do not deliver outside of the Toronto area, but renters beyond our delivery zones are welcome to arrange a pick-up of the artwork from our Toronto office during business hours.
Can I pick and choose a delivery time that works for me?
With Basic Delivery, you will be given the option of a time frame for drop-off when someone will be present to receive the delivery. With Premium Delivery, you may provide your choice of time and we will do our best to accommodate.
Is the artwork ready to hang?
How hard is it to hang the artwork myself?
A Ready-to-Hang Kit is provided with each rental, so all you need to provide is a hammer, a good eye, and some muscle to hang onto drywall. For more complex surfaces, like concrete or brick, it would be best to consult a professional or choose to add Professional Hanging to your checkout options. Discuss with our team so that we may bring the appropriate tools.
What if I have to move house?
If you move house, just let us know the new address.
Does the artwork I rent come with an artwork release for productions and photography?
Artwork on Partial’s site may be used on sets for productions, styling, and staging / interior design purposes. Commercial use of the artwork beyond the scope of these uses must be disclosed at the time of the rental.
How do I return the artwork at the end of my rental cycle?
You may drop off your artwork by appointment to our downtown Liberty Village location, or schedule a pick-up.

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