"Art must take to the road and risk all for the glory of adventure."

– Lawren Harris

What We Do

We are an art rental and sales service specializing in curated artworks by Toronto artists. Original work by local artists are just around the corner – and now within reach.

Whether you are a seasoned art collector or a curious art lover, Partial is here to make it simpler to bring true, original artwork onto your walls. Catering to city dwellers and businesses across Toronto, you can experiment and explore artwork that speaks to you. We know artwork is an investment – our rental model allows you to try out a piece for a few months, or express all sides of yourself with rotating artwork.

Who We Are

The Team

Tammy Yiu
Co-Founder + the Vision

After embracing graphic design roles in the advertising world, Canadian fashion industry, and a gourmet bakery (!), Tammy founded SQUAB Creative Studio in 2009, where she continues to collaborate with clients such as Lifeline Syria, Moose Knuckles, The Arctic Research Foundation, and Fuck Cancer. In 2012, Tammy established homegrown outerwear brand OSC Cross and remained its Director until early-2016, when she turned her focus to a little idea called Partial.

She enjoys handwritten notes, bike rides in the summer, and more recently, working out of her new studio at 8Space (it just needs better art).

Chris Kim
Co-Founder + the Tech

Chris Kim is a designer-turned-programmer with love for a minimalist (and rigorous) approach to digital media production. Working as an independent developer for various business sectors in Toronto, Chris also has been serving as an adjunct faculty member at OCADU and Ryerson University since 2012. In 2016, Chris founded Fresco Industries, where he provides job opportunities for recent graduates and current students who wish to learn practical programming as part of real-world projects.

As a big fan of vintage pop culture, Chris enjoys collecting retro memorabilia, 8-bit video games, and vinyl records. You should be able to spot him in the city lugging old TVs or Nintendos -- on any given day.

Pansy Lee
Strategy Designer + the Brains

Pansy’s natural curiosity has led to some pretty diverse passions (tech, art, design, spreadsheets, restoring furniture, women in tech) and a diverse career. Pansy has a BBA in Marketing and a MDes in Strategic Foresight and Innovation. Since 2001, she has held marketing and sales positions at Microsoft, IBM, Deloitte, was the Director of Product at RL Solutions and most recently as a Principal Product Designer at Intuit.

In her down time, Pansy loves biking, crosswords, street photography and roaming around Toronto checking out arts and culture. And in her down down time, Netflix & chill!

Ken Ngan
User Experience Designer

Ken is a User Experience Designer with a diverse background in business, IT and project management. He has 10+ years experience assuming various roles within Finance, Sales and Digital disciplines where he focused on streamlining workflows, optimizing processes and ensuring end user satisfaction. With a career spanning corporate (IBM, Rogers) and now agency (Klick), Ken is comfortable working in many team dynamics. His motivation continues to be driven by his fascination for technology, solving business problems and designing simple yet impactful solutions.

Ken enjoys watching movies, bike riding in the city and keeping up to date with everything UX.


Travis Hines
Designer + Creative Advisor

Travis Hines is a Designer and Creative Advisor, who was previously a Sr. Design Lead at Shopify. There he led marketing and brand teams for nearly four years of seismic growth. He joined Shopify through acquisition of Pilot, a software startup he co-founded. Prior to Pilot he was a Sr. Designer at Teehan+Lax, leading the mobile product experiences for Readability.

He’s committed all of 2017 as a sabbatical to personal creative endeavours, and supporting the development of local designers and entrepreneurs through ongoing mentorship.

Thomas Gegenhuber

Thomas Gegenhuber holds a doctoral degree in business administration from Johannes Kepler University (JKU) Linz. As part of his doctoral studies, funded by grants from the Austrian Academy of Sciences and the Austrian Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy, he visited the University Alberta, FU Berlin and the University of Edinburgh. Under the umbrella of digital transformation, Thomas conducts research on novel forms of organizing, crowdsourcing, various forms of openness (open strategy, open innovation, and open government) and (cultural) entrepreneurship in a digital economy. Thomas work appears in several books and international journals, and he speaks at academic as well as practitioner-oriented conferences, and he serves as an advisor for innovative start-ups, such as Partial.

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