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Sharon Trickett
Sharon Trickett is a Halifax, Nova Scotia artist. Her work is inspired by the strong ones that suffer from men...
Celeste Cares
Hi, I'm Celeste! I'm an artist based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, where I completed my BFA at NSCAD U. My work exp...

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Devon Pryce
OCAD U Feature Artist
Devon Pryce is an emerging artist currently working and living in Toronto. He completed his BFA in Drawing an...
Atharva Jadhav
OCAD U Feature Artist
Atharva Jadhav is an artist from Mumbai, India. Growing up, he watched a lot of western cartoons and used to m...
Corynn Kokolakis
OCAD U Feature Artist
Corynn Kokolakis is a figurative painter whose practice merges the disparate roles of mother and artist. Influ...