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Matthew Li
Matthew Li is a 19-year-old student currently enrolled at the Cooper Union in New York City.
Jill Huang
Toronto based. Vancouver born. Emily Carr University of Fine Art and Design - Bachelor of Visual Arts. Abstract and figurative. Colour and texture.
Vanessa McKernan
Vanessa McKernan's paintings begin with a focus on the narration of a dream, fantasy, memory or experience. Portrayed through exaggerated gesture and broken posture, the figures in her work grapple w...
Anne-Marie Olczak
My work explores nature and it's pervasive place in the urban landscape. Soft edges, hard lines, organic shapes and deliberate forms all inform this idea of organic amongst the structured. By explori...
Alanna Peters
Alanna Peters was born in Ottawa and currently lives in Toronto. She earned an Honours BA for Fine Arts from McMaster University (2001) and a BEd for Arts Based Learning from Queen's University (2005)...
Maggie Shepherd
Maggie Shepherd I love using light and line to create landscapes and still life paintings. The forgiving and dramatic oil medium allows me to experiment and hunt for connections on the canvas, all...
Kaitlin Johnson
Kaitlin works in acrylics on canvas, creating dramatic abstract paintings inspired by nature. After completing her B.A. in Visual Arts from The University of Western Ontario, Kaitlin obtained her ar...
Emal de Lanerolle
Emal Joseph de Lanerolle is a Toronto-based Artist. He works in the mediums of paint, print- making, sculpture, and philosophy to create vibrant explorations into a range of topics including love, sci...