Patrick Doyle

Insiders: The Entrepreneur

Insiders: The Entrepreneur
29 June 2017

Patrick Doyle is a financial professional and seasoned entrepreneur. As the Founder of Warwick Media, Patrick is at the helm of a burgeoning film and television finance company based in Toronto and Vancouver.

Growing up in a family of TV and stage actors, writers and directors, Patrick has always had a strong interest in the arts, especially film and literature.  When he saw an opportunity to use his Bay Street experience in Canada’s booming media industry, he jumped at the chance.

In the off hours Patrick can be found walking his miniature Weiner dog, reading a stack of books, watching films back to back, or planning his next diving adventure on the Great Barrier Reef.

Top 3

People Movers

Acrylic on canvas
48"L x 36"W
Rita Vindedzis

Rent: $125 / month
Own: $2,500
"I love the contrast between the tall dark buildings and the bright red and yellow of the People Movers. Your eyes are drawn directly down the centre of the street to where the streetcar has come and the taxi is headed."

High Park Burn with Forester

Mixed, acrylic and Photography
16"L x 20"W
Frances Patella

"This is my first rental from Partial. I have it hanging on a stark white wall in my Yorkville condo. It reminds me of the years I lived directly on the West ravine trails of High Park where I witnessed the controlled burns first hand."

Summer Romance

Oil on canvas
36"L x 48"W
David Holden

"The first extreme heat warning just hit the city. Enough said."


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